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December 20th 2010

Character as an Extension of Self vs. “Mary Jane”

I love playing games. Every other week I get together with a gaming group, typically playing pen-and-paper games. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the term “Dungeons and Dragons” should be sufficient. Our group is currently working through a campaign set in the Old West (“Coyote Trail” is the rule set). Our previous genre was standard sword and sorcery. Next we’ll be battling through post-apocalyptic cities or space. Each one of these settings has their own set of rules.

Character creation, however, is pretty standard. You’ve got statistics, skills and abilities, equipment. Then you have background, where you tell about why your character prefers to fight by removing his pants and strangling his prey, for example. Some players can spend hours on this step alone. I’ll admit that I don’t typically take that long, but for my western character “Lester Graves”—a Navajo medicine man of European descent—I wrote a 2000 word background telling how he came to be in California working in a gold mine in the 1870’s with his best friend “Robert ‘Rabbit’ Tacoma.” Read more of my thoughts on putting yourself into the makeup of your character after the jump.

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