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January 17th 2012

The Black-Eyed People

Recently, I was listening to a series of radio show episodes from Darkness Radio that have been put online as podcasts. For those of you familiar with Art Bell’s Coast to Coast (now hosted by author George Noory), this show is slotted the hour before and deals with the paranormal as well. It is hosted by “Darkness Dave,” who is also the Senior Judge on Paranormal Challenge and is at least acquainted with, if not friends with, a lot of the bigger names in America’s paranormal scene.

Dave was talking about a phenomenon that he said has come to his attention fairly recently (within the last six months, I believe). The phenomenon goes by two similar names, “The Black-Eyed Children,” or “The Black-Eyed People” (commonly shortened to BEP). One of the large collection of stories regarding the BEP can be found at read more »