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May 11th 2012

Characterization – D. Marshall Snow

This is a character profile that I wrote up for a recent Trail of Cthulhu game. It’s not really polished, but it was a fun writing exercise. Marshall really wasn’t based on anyone in particular, but Celeste’s character was based on a friend of mine that I used to hang out with in the ’90’s. I should mention that those similarities are only in appearance and personality, and not events.

Dwight Marshall Snow was born in Provo, Utah but raised in Las Vegas, Nevada after his father got a job there.

He was an average 21-year old Freshman at BYU in fall of 1993. He had returned home from a mission for his church—the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints—to Rome, Italy in early 1993. He was majoring in Psychology with a minor in English. It was during the end of his first semester, at a combined singles ward activity that he saw her. Celeste Moody was probably the most beautiful woman Dwight had ever laid eyes on. She stood about 5’3”, had chin-length deep red hair, pale skin, a flannel jacket tied around her waist, and rocking Dr. Marten boots. The sight of her caused him to feel things that he’d tried to suppress for two years on his religious sabbatical. read more »

March 5th 2012

Characterization – Pogranax

The following is the background story I wrote for a Pathfinder Societies character, a Half-Orc Fighter that wields a two-handed greatsword. In a nutshell, his specialty is cutting things in half.

Pogranax was born a bastard in the harsh landscapes of Kellid. His mother was a victim of a brutal attack from an Orc tribe, in which her husband was killed and she was forced to conceive at the hands of one of the strongest warriors in the raiding party. While she was not the only woman subjected to this brutality that day, she was the only one read more »