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October 2nd 2011

What’s In a Name

I recently made a series of discoveries that I’m fairly certain will change my life, my outlook on life, and indeed my outlook on my entire family. Well, at least on my father’s side.

To understand what I mean, indulge me while I give a little background.

I’ve always had an interest in western European medieval history, mainly in technology and architecture, but in my young adult life this branched into a desire to know more about the culture and daily life of those people. I’ve always been told that our family originally came from Ireland, despite the fact that the records we had claimed that our oldest known ancestor lived in Norfolk, England around the 1400’s. Of course, the Ireland theory was based on some bad information from a World Book Encyclopedia and because “Cory” (an older spelling of our last name and how we still pronounce it, despite the fact that it has an “a”) probably just sounded more Irish. read more »